Friday, April 04, 2008

Cause I won't remember

I contacted Google to find out what the odds are of ;
a)having your picture taken when Google maps is on a road trip and,
b) finding that picture when your co-worker happens to punch into the Google maps, the university address where you work.
Since Google has been remiss in getting back to me, because I don't rank, in that I'm not a writer who tells quirky stories for the New Yorker which, this story would certainly fit with, I consulted with a Professor of Geography ( who also happens to be a specialist where I work ), and asked her what she thought and she calculated that is would be around 10 million to 1, which I think is about right according to my statistical de-coder ring I found in a box of rocks.
There is no exact link to the picture of Eamon, but if you type in east 22nd and Chester Cleveland, Ohio and then click on street level, and go North from Euclid to Chester, there he is standing at the corner as if he's posing for the camera that he doesn't know is there, he in fact is just in the right place at the right time; or not.


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