Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It hasn't happened yet

Now that the library system has gone to central selection, which is basically rather than a diverse crew of people picking the titles that the public will read; instead it's a few overpaid, often politically placed, under worldly limited thinkers making all the decisions; so what else is new.
I am sounding frighteningly judgmental, but I think that because elitism goes both ways, making bland choices because the culture is bland, is kind of um, dull.
There is redemption. We can still read the journals that list all of the forthcoming titles. In doing that, I read about this book and am in the process of reading it.
So far, the most important thing I've learned, and there are a number of insights that have kind of eased the sense of isolation regarding death, but for me the clincher was finding out that Gus plays Halo like an addict two days out on a meth binge, because it's his way of overcoming the inevitable end. Go forth I say kill all the animated pixels you can and, be sure to utilize the man-cannon for the good of your psyche.


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