Sunday, April 13, 2008

I want to live like common people

We went to see a Mariachi band tonight, actually, we went to eat out, but I wanted to go and see the band more than I wanted to eat the food.
When I had a show at WCSB, I followed a Spanish music show so for five or more years, All my songs were segued from enthusiastic and rousing sounds from South of the border.
There was a band in the studio one day, a full group taking up the area where all the new music was in bins. I waited and listened until about five minutes before I was supposed to go on the air, and then I started to feel uneasy. I filled two and a half hours of air time, and I really needed to get some stuff together. So, as I am the most graceful of people, I attempted to search unobtrusively yet there was some thumping and subsequently dirty looks from the fellows who were playing their hearts out.
When I was dating an old boyfriend who actually would take me out to dinner, we went to a Peruvian restaurant and it was nice, it was in an old house and it felt cosmopolitan and like I was really living. As the music tinkled in the background, I noticed the sound approaching our table. I looked up just as they were by us starting to play. They stopped abruptly and moved on as we were old friends from earlier that day, and they knew I'd heard it all before.


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