Sunday, May 14, 2006

Little green apples

Jack Henry made me a stepping stone for Mother's day. It's got shiny rocks and he used some of them to shape his name and a heart. When Eamon and I were courting, we lived in a sort of unique urban community. Down the street was a bodega that we would often visit for fresh bread in the morning and the PD. One day I was at home and he went shopping, when he came back he had bought some candy glasses; they were plastic and filled with those lovely little colored candy dots . That was around 19 years ago. My kids ask me what I would take if there were a fire in the house, or if we had to leave really quickly what would I grab besides for them and the dogs. I've always said, and I mean it that those glasses go with me wherever. These little talisman that we're given in our lives, they have value because they make us feel safe and seen. They give us a context to define that we mean or meant something to somebody.


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