Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Hot Spice

When we arrived in Japan ( in 1990) we had to get from Narita to Ube, so we got to take the fabulous Shinkansen. It's a surreal experience to be traveling at speeds of over 200 mph. But of course there, it was 330 km/h. In other worlds it was really fast, and you kind of buzz the entire ride.
Needless to say, there was food, women in uniforms pushing carts along the aisles with obento and beverages. Just the pushing carts down the aisle part had me transfixed for a good while. It was all bright and very THX 1138. As I got my train legs I got the notion to ask for something to drink. An extremely obliging gal handed me a can of Fruipy and I drank up pausing only as I swallowed the round slippery object that hurled itself down my throat at 5000000km/h. It was a peeled grape I later found out. And a fast one at that.


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