Friday, May 05, 2006

Double Dutch

There have been some dark days, and of course it's music that brings them right up to the window. Liz Phair's Whipsmart. I heard the song Cinco De Mayo this morning on the drive to work, WRUW was being timely and though the DJ knew it was a rough road playing someone who's gotten to be so passe and all; he fessed up to still liking her music and played that and the title song, Whip-Smart . Both still good songs, yet really bittersweet in that I was going through midlife crisis number one around then, which was the mid-nineties. A lifetime ago, none of the angst of those years hold true for now, it's all new and pop'in-fresh and so in a few years when someone plays Neko Case I can share a entire new set of experiences.


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