Friday, May 12, 2006

Down in the Valley

Even if it's full of cheese, if people on tv start to talk about what a mother has done to help her kids, or sacrifices she has made to enable her kids to function in the world, especially if they are somehow challenged, I go into weep fest mode. I was merely doing my pilates so I had turned on the telly to distract my busy mind, and Regis and Kelly were on talking about mom's whose daughters had written letters regarding their role and influence in the lives of others. It was a power house of a show. I hate when this happens, I get sucked in and that's why I watch movies and not shows that will make a mess of an attempt at not being manipulated by the media. So much for that intention.
I think what the program, if I see beyond the obvious, I think what is was doing was saying that we all wish we had someone who could and would do it all for us. But most of us don't and that's where that teary stuff comes in. It's mourning for Amaterasu the O. G. of moms .


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