Saturday, May 13, 2006

The empty

Jack Kerouac's book of Sketches had me enthralled last night. I love to be reminded of why someone is fantastic . I also watched the movie Thumbsucker and of all things Keanu Reeves brought a thought-line I was having to some sort of completion.
I was thinking about how for so many artists and other "artistic types" The emptiness has to be filled with output. Of course other things temporarily fill the void, drink, drugs, sex, movies, books, food, therapy and on and on. But producing work is the only answer to the unnamed question. Keanu said something like we're all carrying a burden and we all deal with it in a different manner. To be in touch, as we grow older, with getting closer to an understanding of what that burden is, that's better then a UFO sighting any day.


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