Thursday, February 26, 2009

It's a movement

When I went to CSU there was a point at which my boyfriend and I found a restaurant that had all the elements we could have asked for; it was within walking distance of school, it was inexpensive, and the food was really tasty. Ticket to Tokyo was located in the Old Arcade,which in itself was a glorious place to hang out, so adding a good meal to that was just epic.
I hadn't been there for years, and so 18 years ago, I went with Jake when he was in a stroller. We had just gotten back from Japan, so I did a little showing off with my mad language skillz, as the staff there had always been friendly and we had a relationship of sorts.
Today, on the way home from an appointment on the east side, I asked Jake if he wanted to go to one of my favorite places, though it has moved and I would probably not be able to park, maybe he wanted to run in and get us something for lunch. Indeed he did, so I pulled up near by and he went in with my bank card.
When he came out he looked sheepish and I figured someone or something strange had crossed his path. He told me that they hadn't taken credit cards and so because he didn't know that and had ordered the meal, they told him to pay next time he came in.
Jake was so shaken by their trust and friendliness, he was truly in a state of shock, which to me, represented what he has been short on; the formidable "awe".


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