Thursday, February 12, 2009

All in my mind

Eamon screamed, "your dog shit right in the doorway!" And then slammed the door as he came in from dropping Jack and Jake off at their respective activities.
He and I had been going since six in the morning and now he had just returned from the 50 mile an hour winds and pelting rain to, not one of the little one's, but courtesy of Stella the monster eater.
She's been on a kick that I have yet to come to terms with; when we started collecting rescue dogs, the deal was that we just put food in the bowl all day and they can eat at their leisure. For years, they knew it was there so grazing was the norm. For the last few months Stella has been cleaning out the bowls and because there are five people living at the house, and the easiest job to feel accomplished by, is the one where food gets shoveled out for the dogs, well, it appears that she's been consuming about five pounds of food every day.
And on that note;
The president of the peanut company linked to a nationwide salmonella outbreak served on (until last week), an industry advisory board that helps the U.S. Department of Agriculture set quality standards for peanuts. His appointment came, twice from the Bush administration.


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