Saturday, January 31, 2009

Cuckoo to you

I watched the Zapdruder film yesterday. And, I listened to Kay Griggs for about two hours while I did my new Tracy Anderson method torture dance. It's kind of like when I'm reading crooks and liars and minimize the screen to go to Perez Hilton.
What I know, is that after awhile, people just move on to the next thing. With 9/11, there is never going to be justice, how can there be when everything has been destroyed; any evidence carted away and disappeared for the good of the perpetrators.
The bad, really bad moments I have with Jake lately are so disturbing that I have to very delicately work my way through the memory of how I got involved in the first place, and start from there and make it not happen. So, on a smaller scale, I want to change the history of an event; all, yet again for the greater good.


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