Friday, January 09, 2009

No kind of feeling

Ours, I've realized, is the only job that you really have no idea what to expect on a day to day basis. I'm actually setting this as a challenge to my readers. I'd like to be disproved, but I can't find any profession that fits the same outlandish criteria.
Police know it's going to be a crime, injury, accident, they know they are responding to an incident. It's the same with Paramedics, Firemen, and Emergency rooms, These all generally fit a similar archetype.
In the Library, the last public place one can be without a reason, there is never going to be a template beyond research and or computer help. It can be anything.
Two days ago, a guy asked me for information on, "some movie called the assassination of Richard Nixon, that someone was making." I asked if maybe it was already made about four years ago, and found out some info from IMDB. Then, I got him some print outs on the actual attempt and was waiting for the last pages as he said to me, "You know I'm the guy who took the gun out of that fella's hand, the one that was trying to kill Nixon. And, I'm Forrest Gump, the real one, but no one ever tells you that do they!"
Nope, no one ever does.


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