Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My case is easy to see

Eamon, Jack and I took a meandering drive on Sunday, as the price of gas being at rock bottom, we felt it was an acceptable way to spend some time.
We used to see the open country a lot when we lived in it. Now it remains familiar but not an every day thing. So with that notion I was watching the world go by and it seems a strange new place.
First, there were no people outside, just cars; and second there were a ton of closed businesses and empty stores, factories and farms.
As is the powers that be want, people are centralizing towards cities and populated regions. The outlying areas are becoming less desirable when everything around is vacant.
We looked for a long time for somewhere to eat, a diner, small restaurant and it took about an hour to find a cozy place outside of Oberlin, Quick and Delicious ; it wasn't so much either of those things, but what it ended up being was a very Lynchian moment, where the waitress insisted that we all had to give her a hug because it was our first time there. Maybe, the baneful world view isn't that bad after all.


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