Friday, December 12, 2008

And a washed out dream

I guess I am competitive, as I lost the Grady Sizemore bobblehead at the United Way auction here at work; and I feel like there are people that will go to any length to win, and they always do, and I always don't. Nothing is really ever important enough to me.
In this article in the New Yorker, the discussion is psychopathic behavior, and it was certainly provocative, but the thing my skewed mind honed in on was that all of this description and relevance is realized in so many workplaces and environments and most of these people, a million according to the author, are not in prison, they are everywhere, and many I'm betting are quite successful.
I hasten to say that now at least I have a label, besides for the requisite profanity, for individuals that get that glazed look as they promise you the world and deliver absolutely nothing. I don't mind naught, I just don't want it dressed up as some gilded nugget.


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