Thursday, November 20, 2008

I'll shine up

I'm tired of wanting, and I'm sick of being part of a culture that just wants and can't and will never get enough.
I in my old age, am able to discern that a good part of the reason for my lack of success, or satisfaction, is the yearn. Yes, yes we all have it, but some of us are walking around with holes way to big to fill, and there we go to the store, bar, restaurant, doctor, whatever exterior venue we can find to make yet another attempt to stop up that leak.
It's not going to happen, or it will lessen, but never dissipate enough for me to just be where and what I am.
My folks are coming next week, speaking of chasms. If it goes the way that I suspect it will, and I have reason to be prepared for the worst, Eamon will end up spending and massive amount of time inventorying his DVD collection, or show a real interest in connecting with his parents and spend a lot of time at their house.
That's okay with me, because I'm used to foregoing what I think I may possibly want and settling for something I don't.


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