Saturday, November 01, 2008

неодобрителен nesouhlasný

Dressing up as someone else is transformative in so very many ways; I'll begin with the rational mind. When I was talking to my friends at work while wearing my Bawdy Book Mistress get up, there would be this sort of skipping recognition, as in part of their brain knew who they were talking to, but the part that's perhaps more primal or emotional had to keep being reminded.
Then there are the disapproving looks from some customers who just think it's frivolous and it makes them so uncomfortable, that there has to be a mountain of shit bringing them to make that face that has absolutely nothing to do with the individual they are focusing on.
The other element that my friend and I were discussing is the amount of work that can go into one's appearance and how that takes up and enormous amount of time and energy which is why perhaps people who do spend inordinate amounts might have to neglect intellectual development because they just don't have the opportunity.


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