Saturday, October 18, 2008

This is why events unnerve me

I don't get out much, as I've mentioned; that is to say, Eamon and I don't go out with other adults on a usual basis, unless our kids are somehow involved. But, tonight we did, and it was his oldest and best friend's 50th, birthday party, a surprise, which is always a risky endeavour, I can say, from experience.
We drove over to the east side, little Italy, and celebrated. It was fun, we both looked nice, I drank some; which is always an experience, whether it be internal, or usually results in me becoming sick very quickly. But tonight I managed to pace myself and enjoyed it without letting the world know in an inappropriate way.
The party started at 4 so we got out pretty early and I wanted to walk as I had eaten and was laden with supper, some exercise seemed optimum. We went into a cozy store, very chic very urban with money; and the owner started a dialog with us. We ended up drinking her wine and staying over an hour to hear about her, her brother the neighborhood and the theater that I spent many a night in the 80's watching independent or new wave films with the rest of Cleveland's finest cinephiles.
It was quite a night, not the one I had expected, but one that brought a lot back and enabled me to bore the shit out of Eamon for the drive home as I pondered Fassbinder, Roeg and Tarkovsky as if they were relevant and meaningful, until the wine wore off and all I had was the memory of my droning on and on and his appreciation of the absurd.


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