Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Unless you know

I've spent forever trying to figure out people's motivation, the reason behind what they are doing, and mostly, how they felt about me.
With the utmost assuredness, and certainty, I can say now that I've never been able to tell, and if I thought I could, I've usually been wrong. So why then do I still consider it an option to think this way, to spend a wholly unreasonable amount of time paying attention to other people, and ultimately missing out on far too many opportunities for myself.
The name of the game in a nutshell; I like not thinking about the stuff that may help to change my situation, so I've used distraction as a method to keep me out of my own backyard.
So what now, how do I reconcile a way of being for decades, end it, embrace the notion that it's what makes me who I am, or perhaps blog about it and then just continue on because I don't know any other way to live. Yes, I'll take that one thank you.


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