Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A search that shall remain

When Eamon and I celebrated our 76th wedding anniversary, as it is his romantic nature he bought me a DVD. It was a concert of New Order Live in Glasgow. He is a big fan of the concert experience in the comfort of our own home, so he tries to draw me in to that and has had much success. At first, with this one, I watched a few of my favorite songs, as the band was one that I'd seen live, but just a few times and both of those were not the most memorable shows.
There is a song, that I love, and when I watched it, I saw that Bernard Sumner was playing a melodica at the beginning. I had always thought it was just a keyboard. After a few viewings I went to the ever faithful eBay to find one, and it took a few months. Who knew these old instruments could a) be so expensive b) so very popular. I finally managed to obtain one, and it's a Hohner, one of the original German designs, so you know it's good.
It came and my old man opened the box and played it for awhile. Then I did and I played the opening of the song as if I'd been doing it for hundreds of gigs, nay, thousands.
My dad can pick up any instrument and in a few minutes play it reasonably well. I on the other hand am more of an idea person. But, in this case I think that little ditty had been roaming around in my head for so long, it was just ready to spring forth.
The best part, is that I got an e-mail from the seller, she wanted me to know that she had overcharged me a few dollars for shipping and, because she was a christian, she was sending it back to my account.


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