Sunday, October 26, 2008

You got a your good thing

Last night in my weakened state, I got sucked into a Mitch albom Lifetime movie vortex. Next thing you know, I will be shooting Moose, Wolves and Polar Bear from a plane while wearing a red suit and stiletto boots.
I was worn down to a nub after work, they were all there; the needy, the rough customers, the nuts and bolts, it was endless. I admit it I turned the TV on to cable, in that state I would have bought a combo pedipaw and dermawand if it had been made available to me. What happened was, there was Ellen Burstyn and she was talking to John Voight and the place they were looked really otherworldly (heaven, duh) so I was intrigued and since I hadn't been warned away by the Lifetime logo in the corner, I watched for about 20 minutes until by the wonders of modern television this flashed across the bottom of the screen; "you are watching The Five People You Meet in Heaven" and I knew I was totally fucked. I yelled at the unresponsive screen and started crying, pulling my hair out, but nevertheless I watched the rest much to my husband and son's disdain and scorn.


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