Thursday, October 23, 2008

Young and dumb and fucked up in the head

Okay, picture Jack, he's smallish, thin; his picture used to be up with me in the profile area, he's got curly red hair glasses; ' nuf said. We, all of us in the O'Neill clan come from the land of bad karma when it comes looks. Not to say that we're not a handsome brood, we just are unusual and not, shall I say classic looking.
Jack has had some trouble at school of late, most of which revolves around him not having the stamina to make it with the cool kids as it takes a tremendous amount of energy to be an asshole, and Jack being a lot like his dad just doesn't have it in him.
He's being kicked to the proverbial curb because he can't make it, and here's me trying to talk to him about it as he says he's fine, it's not bothering him and his face is scrunched up as if he has made some sort of a mess because actually he's doing his darnedest not to cry and throw himself down on the floor, arms and legs flailing, sobbing about the cruel world of middle school, wait no that's me. He's standing there telling me everything is okay meanwhile, inside his head a pogrom is just in the frothing up stage.


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