Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Just what you're worth

It's been a long time since there was a good looking Jew in the white house. Is that wrong to say? It's true and it has.
Otherwise, the honeymoon here is over, well there haven't been any behavioral problems, we are all still getting along, however, the Police Department called about ten minutes after I had decided things might work out after all and wrote about it. They only wanted to talk to Jake about his whereabouts on an evening a few weeks ago. Indeed he had an alibi, but that was not the call I've been waiting for. I guess Jake's lack of luck when it comes to getting away with anything, might help him from getting too involved in bad stuff, but he's been out of the house for quite awhile, and to be on the radar like that is something I've avoided my entire life and now I realize part of what makes it hard to parent a kid like Jake is that he is drawn to people who are, and he participates in this dramatic, every experience is a huge crisis/event universe which for the rest of us here, is something we would rather not watch or in my case, listen to.


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