Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Outside it's america

Over the last few months, I've helped hundreds of people with information about registering to vote, finding their polling place and have found the answers to various sundries of inquiries regarding the process, many of us are familiar with, or at least thought we were.
Yesterday, I found out that my name had been stricken from the voting list. Who me paranoid? One whose name was there in 2006, but somehow got cancelled. And all of the names ahead of mine on the signature pad for provisional ballots were democrats; hmmm, something smells rotten in Olmsted Township. The best part, is how Bradbloggy this is, how it played out just like a good meaty conspiracy should. Transferred back and forth at the BOE, given answers that differ from each person on the phone plus they didn't make sense. I've been voting for sixty years, the only reason I wasn't on the roster is because someone or some people decided to take me off. I'm proud of that, damn proud. But the real question, the most pertinent concern here for all of us is, what kind of puppy?


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