Monday, November 03, 2008

Could it be, stop and see

During a distracted moment this morning, hope leaked in, but just for a second. Then I got my wits about me and realized that there may be a possibility that the regime would change, but the odds are piled high against it.
With Bush, I felt we were at our worst ever, that picking up the pieces from the mardi gras of destruction would be the end of it, that there could be no possible way the distance between how we should be acting and how we are could get any farther; oh, but it will and it can.
Eamon and I have been through a veritable imbroglio of challenges and often we come out the other end a little bruised, wary and sometimes smarter. Moreover, we manage to stick it out together, however that could easily change, and I know that based on the time we spent apart . So, if people like he and I can't find a peaceful solution, or a way to see past the obstacles, and if you add a few billion to that equation, it's no wonder, shambles-R-us.


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