Monday, November 10, 2008

I didn't get to

Jake and I met for lunch on Friday, and he asked if he could move back in, promising to live within the conditions that we had set and that he would be here as a member of the family not so much like the lodger he had been the last few times.
I told him he would have to come over and talk to his Dad, and that would be the final word whether it was going to happen or not.
I expected that he would come late, but he didn't; he came after dinner and probably because Eamon was well fed and happy with the prospect of the coming weekend, he agreed to it, stipulating that there would be expectations and they were going to need to be lived up to, and not just for the first few days.
So, we are intact and with the entire 45 minutes we've seen Jake over the last three days, things seem to be going well.


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