Monday, November 17, 2008

How to be thick

Please don't let it be that Celebrity Rehab gave me some insight. I was doing my pilates and it was on, Dr. Drew and the kids were going on, and on and then it occurred to me that some of what I still deal with is addictive behavior, the fear of challenging my mom, of saying no to her and just being scared of her wrath. Because she gave me so little I feel like I have a lot to lose if I really investigate it.
Saturday night Gus and I went to see Guy Fieri at the Fabulous Food show, in the exposition center which used to be a defense factory, so that makes sense. We rushed the stage and got to sit in the front row, albeit on the side, which I prefer because during these type of evangelical events you never know what's going to happen next, and just as I had suspected, he threw things into the audience and as I have always been a magnet head, being in the center had no appeal to me.
Gus had been to a dentist to see about braces a few weeks ago. After the appointment to discuss the previous appointment, he said to me in the car that he didn't want braces from a spray on tan salesman.
Let's just say, the similarly gastronomic sales event experience was not lost on him. The selling of your soul for a dollar or a million, always diminishes the fun just enough to cheapen any happening , but not enough not to run up and get some of the food when it was all over.


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