Sunday, December 07, 2008

What's on the second disc

Eighteen years ago today, Jake, Eamon and I arrived at Narita. The irony is still not lost on me . If I had to do all over again... I wouldn't have watched Inland Empire all in one sitting.
Having been sick a lot as a kid, I'm all too familiar with the feverish dream state of the Lynch movie. I've seen them all from back in the day. I am however not fetishistic about each and every moment, meaning and or allusion. Though deconstruction is part of the fun, I know the answers only exist in dear David's mind and who really needs or actually can get down to that nitty gritty.
There is no question of his brilliance and talent, just in his sheer commitment to his vision that alienates just a little bit. I want to love him, but I can't; I hate him with all my heart for breaking reality down to the nightmare state that is a real as it gets.


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