Monday, December 01, 2008

I have failed to conceal

I helped America yesterday, a lot. I worked hard to assist with the economic recovery; I am certainly a proud patriot today as I wear my new clothes.
On Saturday night, after a bit of a row, I left Eamon and Gus behind and Jack and I took a road trip to Akron for the Christkindl market .
The event actually looks nothing like the picture, nor does it feel anything like what one might expect based on the description. It kind of resembles a pre- WWII Germany as it takes place in a run down section of the city, and the young men that we encountered, at least, were straight out of Fassbinder, so all in all with the badly tuned merry-go-round, it was like stepping into a paranoid Jewish nightmare. But Jack put it most succinctly by asking ; "what was with the Nazi youth convention". I honestly had gone with the highest of hopes for old world fun and entertainment; only to have all of my pathos and prejudice surface in the face of disappointment.


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