Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And it's strange to her

I realized after a long discussion last night with my parents, about their illustrious careers, that I was a glorified trivia specialist.
Both of my parents have worked in social work for more than fifty years, they still publish and travel to conferences to present papers about narrative therapy, or their time in South Africa working with people on the reconciliation act. Their work has a lot of substance and is meaningful in the long term.
I on the other hand, in my ADD world, never know from minute to minute or what each person is going to need, or require of me. There is no lasting or tangible experience, and I feel that right now, in a big way.
The hope is, to find a balance, as they leaned way to far in the social justice direction rather than the parenting and nurturing realm, and I probably spent too much time attempting to have an impact on some kids lives who happened to have been born to me.
Yesterday at work, one of the regulars asked for help, and as I and my manager approached he asked us both to witness his living will as he had no one else to do so.
How's that for something to add to the pile of work experience, sadness at his need to ask someone who he's been grumpy with for ten years, to do something a known person normally would, or perhaps he gets his grump on so regularly because we feel like family.


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