Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Too many factors to cover

Look, my standards are not that high; put down the seat, of course; clean up after yourself. Everything I know I learned from cleaning up after a bunch of slobs.
First I did it as a child, for my parents, to make them like me better. That didn't work. Now I'm doing it for my husband and kids probably for the same dopey reasons and I'm pretty sure the same result is at hand.
Then there's work. These are not literal messes, they are more of an esoteric nature, like do your job or I'll have to pick up the pieces because you didn't or wouldn't.
I actually get a lot out of what I do, in all of my spaces. But, when and if I begin to get taken advantage of, I become a messy soup of passive aggresive and it challenges everything that I stand for which is usually being candid and honest rather than the SOP that we get 99.9% of the time with the rest of the world.


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