Thursday, January 15, 2009

Keeps the dream alive

When Jake was young he was frequently sick with throat and ear infections. He would get them every few weeks, and we would start the process of pain, fever, waiting to see if he could fight it off, medication and subsequently a short respite from distress.
At around nine years of age, his doctor suggested he get his tonsils out and that would most likely alleviate the problem. Ultimately, he was right but the process found Jake with a scary operation followed by secondary infections that became life threatening. We spent about a week with no sleep and lots of crying and frustration due to the pain and other issues.
One afternoon as I was trying to function with the old friend sleep deprivation and the fear of impending doom, I put on a Cornershop Cd. The sun was shining through the windows, Jake was lying on the couch spaced out, uncomfortable and exhausted. I was making dinner and went from the kitchen to check up on him and he was sleeping. The relief was enormous and I chock it up to the music; It took both of us out of the realm of illness and fatigue and really brought in the light.


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