Sunday, January 25, 2009

I'll make the best of it

I've watched a few movies of late that have enormous holes, plot leaps, discrepancies and basically no attempt to shore up any of that.
Wanted was a great example; Okay perhaps the illusion of being distracted by the actress and her otherworldly presence was enough for some people to let go of any sense of story, transition or continuity. Alas, not me. It's not just the suspension of disbelief here, it's the even if you're doing laundry, heart bypass surgery and shanking another inmate, you're going to wonder how the main character got to Europe in the time you blinked; even then.
Is it that our expectations have become non existent or that people and their silly attention spans don't need to worry about such small matters.
So, I lay in bed and think about the movie I just watched and how simple it would be if my life could jump or start somewhere new, where people might be less inclined to call me on any of the stuff that they usually do every day.


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