Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Do you only

I'm sick in bed, thusly there is time to think, not clear thinking; more that foggy pressured kind, where I wish I could be doing something else. And then there's the equation some of us are very familiar with. Sick=bad TV.
Eamon refers to the body of a person who has passed away as, "remains". I say it is the person. Is there a difference? I think so, I can't separate my body from my spirit. One reason is something I discussed previous in a post regarding the open casket aspect and an entire religious culture, one in which I had not participated for most of my life.
I am not used to being around someone who is not there anymore, so there may be a different interpretation of life and death and what remains and what doesn't. I am also so stuck in my own physical issues that one would need a wunder wrench to make some space. As the generation that came before me dwindles, I'm learning a great deal about how it all works, and what to say or not. But, what I will never be able to garner, is why the place from which we came, is so warm and soft and the one we end up in is cold and hard.


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