Friday, February 06, 2009

Is it down

Ah Facebook, something I need to revisit; what can I say but, really what more can you hope for when networking online, it goes nowhere but the marketing master's pants and provides us with the illusion of fulfilling relationships and perhaps that is enough.I am being harsh, I know that people, myself included really like this venue, but here is what Ithink I know.
As we age, our lives take on a different focus, for most of us it's children, family, work the usual trappings of adult life. When given the opportunity to feel young and vital, we take it with gusto, but I say, to what end?
There is the reconnection to people we haven't talked to in twenty years, and the ability to see what they look like now, and all of that is cool, but where do we go from here, we get to ignore people and exclude them from our circle.
High school much.


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