Sunday, February 15, 2009

On the wayward side

Stay with me on this one;
As I've said, I've been attending physical therapy sessions and am getting a lot out of the experience.
Last week, providentially, Jake had an appointment with his counselor around the same time as my PT, so he came with me, which never happens, usually if he has to be there it's at the same place I was but hours later.
As we were driving there I was explaining to him how I totally understood the value of therapy in the physical sense; you have to do it while you are healing to maintain your range of motion, and to recover properly, otherwise, you will not be able to return to the quality of life you once had. In addition, if you don't practice, or do these things outside of the parameters of the office, you will not actually get any better, you will never be able to flex or stretch the way you once could if you don't maintain a regime.
As I was blathering on, I had the moment, where it all came together in, dare I say, yet another epiphany; physical therapy is no different from behavioral. If you retain the same patterns of behavior that have limited your ability to be healthy, then the other pathways, in your brain in this case, remain unused and less flexible and welcome to any change. So, in essence, move it or lose it takes on a whole new meaning.


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