Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beginning to feel the heat

And another; yes and here is another physical therapy story for the record books.
This week, Herr Bill upped the anti regarding my progress and started to have me do some pretty challenging weight bearing and stretching exercises.
The last thing he demonstrated for me was a walking lunge. I told him it looked like the walk that Madness did in their video for one step beyond, (it's about 54 seconds in). He said he didn't know who that was, so I sang, "Our house in the middle of our street". and then he did know.
So, after he was done, it was my turn and I began to do this across the room, albeit not very well, but with all the gumption I could muster, because after all it is like being in 7th grade gym class all over again and I'm the lone fat girl amongst the fabulous elite Shaker heights androids.
After awhile I looked over to see if he was going to let me stop because I was going to lose consciousness, and, he was on the phone. I caught his eye, he told the person to hold on and then said to me, "Oh you should have stopped that a while ago.
When I gingerly got into the car and turned it on, Our House was playing on my crap ass Satellite radio just to add a little salt to the gaping open sores that used to be my legs.


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