Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What's right and what's wrong

On my drive to and fro before we moved back to the city, I ran over a squirrel twice. The second time, I'm sad to say, was deliberate to kind of negate the first incident. Is this just Abby logic, I would hope not because in the moments between the events, it was very clear to me what needed to be done, and then I just did it.
My drive took me down 83 every day, and this is one of those fast and free country roads and there is a lot of road kill. I blame bad driving for most of it, but in my case there was nothing I could have done because before I knew it, I'd hit the little fellow. I pulled off the road and turned around to see if there was anything that could be done, but by the looks of it, not that I'm a animal doctor or anything, things looked pretty out of whack. So, when I saw that the animal was suffering, I got back in the car and came back to finish the job. All the while, I was pep talking myself into doing the deed, out loud and with the volume turned up pretty high if I remember correctly.


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