Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thanks for the times

I know I laugh at things that I actually might want to take more seriously, and I sometimes can't hold back and bust out to the confused looks of people trying to maintain their bullshit, but yesterday was one of those prize winning days of complete abandon.
I'm on my third phone from Verizon aka the store in the fourth ring of hell; this one seems to be working and so all is well, but the store manager was involved and she had the highest voice I've ever heard, and when she spotted the Regional Manager who happened to wander over to me, thinking I was just a regular customer, and I was in the middle of sharing my tale of woe, the decibel levels actually were off any human hearing chart as she came over to shepherd her away from me, all the while saying that I was having a great time with my new choice and seeming, in my mind, to actually be about to burst into some sort of combustible beast.


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