Sunday, May 18, 2008

Now I've done it

I have expectations, yes they are unrealistic in most places, but not at the Hessler Street Fair where time has stopped as of 1972. There are no corporate sponsors, or big franchise food service. There is a lot of patchouli and hemp. There is a entire row of public and political oriented materials. And, there is the stage resplendent with tie dye and lots of hair. I really feel at home on Hessler and have been going there for more than thirty years.

Now, when it comes to work, I try to be receptive to both the public, and the people that I work with. But on both counts when things get out of hand, or people blow things out of proportion I just give up immediately and once my opinion has been swayed by their behavior, I have to say generally it doesn't return to a favorable perspective. One of the most annoying and point of no return kind of things happened to me at work on Friday. I wanted to set up a new display with books on barbecuing, and it caused half a day of negotiations and back and forths between myself, and two coworkers and some Pages. As far as I see it, and I see pretty far, that is one of the most fucked up things someone can do. To make conversation about a non-issue like where we are going to put some books, is an enormous waste of time and doltish, yet the drama, breast beating and inclusion of a multitude of people in the decision making process only seems to prove that people will do anything to add some sensation to their lives, even if it's meaningless and empty.


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