Sunday, June 01, 2008

It's just like living in the past

Perspective is a gnarly little needling aspect of life that can be wormy too, yes, it's one of those things that changes with the wind. Why that is an issue today is because yesterday with much protest on my part, Eamon bought a Flipper DVD, and I'm not talking about the dolphin here. It's some live stuff from around 1981-83.
I loved this band, they were very funny and loud. But, watching them made me reflect in a sad way. Will Shatter died in 1988, and even before that came to be, you can see that they're all pretty fucked up.
I remember when they played here and it was a great show, however, because I always in my old boring way, see things from the outsiders view, knowing these guys were such a mess in terms of substances, was hard to watch.
So, last night as we watched the raw ridiculousness of a great band, I remembered how lost and committed you are when you're young, and how I'm glad I don't feel that exact way anymore, but I'm also missing that irreverence of it all.


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