Thursday, June 05, 2008

Nothing left here

I'm horrified when I have to work in the Children's department. Now, I should mention that we have a huge Genealogy area with indexes, microfilm and fiche, all sorts of directories, that are meant to confuse and frustrate, but none of those phase me, it's the differentiation between picture and board books, books on tape and or the books that come with a tape to read along with, that's where the freak out begins.
I dreamt that Eamon left me, he told me that after twenty years, it was finally Griffin that got to him, he was done with the dogs and the kids and he was leaving it all with me.
You know, we surround ourselves with tons of shit we don't need or really want, and we go shop some more. We have kids that overwhelm and confound us, too many pets that pee on our lives leaving just a stinky mess.
Yet, it's all around us, no one seems to be able to stop the train. But as Eamon said to me a few years ago, "If you leave I'll hunt you down." The same holds true for me, except I'll take that one more step and that would be to drop off the dogs and run.


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