Friday, November 03, 2006

Like a stone

There is something very liberating about dressing in costume, perhaps for some it feels like what it is to be drunk and uninhibited. Taking on a new identity, surprising people, leaning if you will, against the parameters we set up in our cultural or social strata. Even sitting behind a desk or standing behind a counter is a costume, it's an identity shift from regular person to someone who has a role to play that is very specific.
I have realized that sometimes you have to channel people who can accomplish stuff that feels out of the question for yourself. Actually Eamon taught me to do it when he worked with a guy at a residential facility for troubled youth. His friend was getting his MSW and would just plow through his work. No, getting up for a snack, stretching, calling someone. He would just sit down and truck his way through a paper. So, as Eamon finishing up his degree, he thought himself into that mind set by being this guy. And, it worked. So now I do it when I'm stuck on something that has that insurmountable feel, Like say getting up every day.


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