Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nothing but a good time

I am the first to tell anyone, that my choices in menu design are limited, yet I find it successful for the way I have to manage. But as I was buying my requisite power bagels, I had yet another ridiculous conversation that brings me to my major point of how having been "at war" for the last six years has ground the economy to a halt, rather then say, ANYTHING ELSE.
So the gal at Einstein's was asking me a question, and as I talk with my hands, my ring flew off, and she then wanted to know if I'd lost weight. So I told her I had, and she asked how, and I said with hard work and treating it like an addiction and she asked what I ate and I said usually the same, or similar things every day, lots of fiber and lots of protein,and she said that sounded boring and I said so is self loathing, and then she said have a nice day.
Because, people don't want to hear the truth, they don't when it comes to how they live their lives or regarding the state of the union. They cannot wrap it up into their Americanidoldancingwiththestars package that a country was destroyed and rebuilt with their hard earned dollars going to greedy, duplicitous, murdering assholes, or, they won't; either way, nobody wants me to tell them that boring is what it is no matter what your poison.


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