Monday, June 16, 2008

That says it all

Regardless of the notion that one can be too candid, I tend to volunteer a lot of information about myself in an instant of talking to someone. Well, not just strangers and such, but people whom I've been introduced to, or am having dinner with or meet at a party.
So, when Eamon and I went out to dinner with an old friend of his and his wife, I went full steam ahead into my time tested bigmouthathon. And, this is what I do every time, I lament my candid and overwhelming behavior. Even with that knowledge, I'll do it again. But the thing is, that I really wasn't letting them know it all, by any means; because brewing underneath that; I'll tell you the world facade, is the actual reality of Eamon and I having a big row earlier not long before we had to shower up and go out. The fight included insulting behavior towards Gus on my old man's part, and of me deciding that where I draw the line is when people start treating my children the way I used to be. That's when I know I've crossed into the land of the lost and there is absolutely no going back.


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