Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Say what you say

My neighbor of four years spoke to me for the first time last night. And, it was to complain about another neighbor. How lucky am I. Apparently, she had the same trouble that we have in that they like to come over and yell at our children if the dogs are left out for more than one minute.
I am an extremely conscientious and empathetic individual. These people have removed the mufflers from every one of their five cars, and they get up early and work on them or drive them. So, I'm not sure that they really have any justification in being annoyed by what is a very limited amount of time barking. Regardless, there is a feud brewing, and my house is literally in the thick of it.
I've lived in places where dogs where left out for days and days, where people shoot off their guns in either celebratory revelry or to attempt to injure or kill someone. These squabbles are nothing in the realm of real world problems, but apparently, there is enough of an issue for me to be considered worthy of a conversation.
The thing for me, is that I don't care about noise, there are planes flying over head every fifteen or so minutes, then the trains intercede. The world is a noisy place and trying to pin point what bothers you the most, is probably about bigger things then people are willing to admit. Never the less, I'm keeping my head low and getting the paper dave gahan style.


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