Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Now I'm down in it

As if there was anything I could do about it; almost half a century and perhaps I could learn something, nope.
I can go back to the root if I really try over the next week. As we are all going to be here and it's a harmonic or the opposite thereof convergence; everything is aligned and I must garner something from this experience or I am truly fucked.
My parents arrived last night, and because of my lack of diligence, my 79 year old mom downed half a bottle of wine in 15 minutes.
I usually have Eamon take a box of liqueur and hide it somewhere, but because we are having a huge hoedown here on Saturday, I left it out and she, with her sonar like skills found it, even though moments before she was feeling "sort of out of it". How quickly we change and brighten when the thing that alienates and has ruined lives is right at our fingertips.
So, what I can do is watch and learn, not react which is my nature and try to stay above it, or below depending on one's perspective.


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