Monday, June 23, 2008

I tried to scale it

My entire family is getting together this week, we have not all been in the same place for twenty years. It's not a huge family or anything like that, so it was more of a choice to not all be in one place , as opposed to the world making it a difficult possibility. Eamon is wary, he has warned me; Gus predicts a big throwdown, Jack is just excited, and I have hope, but on some level, know better.
The tension with my family is unbearable. It has always been, there is always someone trying to be in control, attempting to diffuse it, like I've done for years, just escalates any given situation. So, I'll just endure, and try to get everyone to be appropriate just like I've always done. It won't work, but I have no other choice but to be delusional yet again.


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