Saturday, June 28, 2008

In inches

The bombast that was the Black Angels is just wearing off, so I again have the energy to write a bit about what is.

There was a celebration here today. Jack turned thirteen in January and has been asking for a few years about the possibility of a rite of passage type ceremony. We did indeed pull it off and boy are my arms tired, yet again.

There were the usual glitches, neighbors having their manic episodes at my front door, my mom drinking so much she could no longer walk, and just a huge amount of generosity and love from my sisters and friends. It was in essence a reminder of how nice things can be however briefly as, when I went out to talk to Jake about not coming home until midway through the ceremony as he appeared coming out of the woods behind my house, and as I was letting him know in a non confrontational way that I was disappointed, he told me to shut the fuck up.


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