Monday, November 20, 2006

Hold the phone

My parents are coming in tonight. The house is in ready mode, the liquor hidden, the papers that would be rifled through put away from prying eyes. And, after having watched Grey Gardens yesterday, maybe feeling a little better about familiar relationships. It was kind of like watching a Tennessee Williams play without the southern gothic. The thing that struck me the deepest, something I haven't seen for an awfully long time, was that it was as close to a documentary as it could possibly get, in fact, I'll bandy about CinemaVerite' for the first time in twenty years.
It's good to be made uncomfortable, not for an extended period of time, but long enough to make you realize that there is something not so bad about your own situation. So, as the holiday season approaches, I'll remember that the visit into madness is brief. Now, if only I can find the phone which Eamon hid because he's nucking futs.


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