Friday, November 10, 2006

Feel the noise

Vocalizing is a primal and uncompromising aspect of human and animal culture. When I go to an event, I tend to be alert to the hum of voices and or screaming, chanting; the general sounds of a crowd fascinate me. Indeed, they annoy me as well, especially the high shrieks that are universally acceptable responses from many girls and women.
When we were in Japan, there was a group of "Housewives" that I taught on Saturday mornings, we could be going along with a lesson and if perhaps the male director of the school walked by or came into the classroom, all of their voices would get high and childlike in his presence. This is something that repeated itself in other settings and Eamon and I found it to be both humorous and fascinating. People and animals just make a lot of noise. Playgrounds are another place where the din and random calls and yells sound much like a forest or jungle.
Whether we are aware of it, the need to make noise is probably something we have little control over. The real issue is knowing when to shut the fuck up.


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